Bundyi Cultural Tours Promotional Video

Mandaang guwu biyambul ngadhi mudyi !

(thank you all my friends)

I’m so very proud and also a bit shame that I won the 2018 Finalist in the Riverina Murray Destinations Tourism Awards.

I do not do my tours or school cultural programs for fame or awards, I do my programs so that I can share about my amazing mayiny-bu ngurambang-bu (people and country)

I would also like to mandaang guwu (thank you) Jennifer Connor from Lockhart Shire and also Lockhart Shire for supporting my tourism in their area.

Together we are changing people’s minds about our mob and country.


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Ngadhu Ngurrigiilang Wiradjuri Gibirr.

* I Proud Wiradjuri man *

Come walk with me in the ancient footsteps of my Wiradjuri people !

We have 80,000 + years of culture to share with you !