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Aboriginal Cultural Tours are a new highlight of expanding knowledge sharing programs. From learning about didgeridoo making to bush tucker and Wiradjuri Aboriginal language, you will experience my passion as I share what I can with those who want to learn more about the oldest living culture on the planet.

Also on this site you can discover my Aboriginal Artworks and Cultural tools that I make,
such as Didgeridoos, Coolamons, Boomerangs, Clap Sticks and more.

I also share Wiradjuri Language through many publications that are distributed through this web page.
Also I have created School Based Programs as well as Aboriginal Culture Awareness Training Packages where I go to many towns to talk, teach and share what I’m learning about Wiradjuri and Aboriginal culture.

Wiradjuri people have walked this Ngurambang (country) for thousands of years. We have cared for this garray (land)

We protect and love our Ngurambang (country) very much. In my art and Aboriginal cultural tools I tell stories about who Wiradjuri and Aboriginal people are. Where we come from and where we are going !

In learning and sharing we all grow strong and informed!

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Ngadhu Ngurrigiilang Wiradjuri Gibirr.

* I Proud Wiradjuri man *

Come walk with me in the ancient footsteps of my Wiradjuri people !

We have 60,000 + years of culture to share with you !