2021 Virtual Live Web Cam Program !

2021 brings in a new virtual live cultural school program direct into your school, pre-school or organisation.

This program will both engage and educate your students, teaching staff, and even your workers at your business.

My Virtual program has been built so that you can still get the hands on experience and cultural learning that I would normally deliver face to face. However with our ever changing world, sometimes I need to deliver my programs in other formats and exciting ways so that we can all continue to share and learn when distance or other issues arise to prevent us from meeting each other. 

I supply a full cultural experience for your school or community.

All you need is access to a computer or smart-board,  web camera, good microphone and an app called ZOOM.   

(this ZOOM app has a free version)

I will also adhere to Wiradjuri and local Aboriginal protocol before any program is to take place.

If you are interested please send me an email and I will get back to you very soon about 

my costs and availability.

Guwayu (safe travels)


Email : marksad@live.com.au







Ngadhu Ngurrigiilang Wiradjuri Gibirr.

* I Proud Wiradjuri man *

Come walk with me in the ancient footsteps of my Wiradjuri people !

We have 80,000 + years of culture to share with you !


2019 Riverina Murray Award