Clap Stick Ladies

Aboriginal Clap Sticks Ladies


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Aboriginal Clap Sticks Ladies.


I have hand crafted and collected special Yellow Box branches to make these Clap Sticks.

I have also burnt into each clap stick a Yinaa (woman) who is reading a book, she may be yalmambirra (teacher)  who  share and care about our people and land.


These Clap Sticks have been protected with high quality varnish and have also been hand sanded.

Yellow Box is very hard wood, so it makes good clap sticks that have a loud deep bass beat when played.

These are not mass produced and are hand made by Wiradjuri Man, Mark Saddler.

Designs and artwork may vary from pictures shown

Price will include postage to Australian address only.


Approx 30cm X 3cm