Clap Sticks

Aboriginal Clap Sticks


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Aboriginal Clap Sticks.

I have hand collected Mulga & Yellow Box wood from NSW and then spent many hours crafting these into 2 clap sticks.

I ensured that the wood grain and rich colours have been brought to the surface of this large clap sticks.

Mulga & Yellow Box wood gives a deep strong sound when these clap sticks are played.

The wood has also been sealed and protected with high quality wood varnish so that your clap sticks will last a long time.

These clap sticks are not mass produced and are only hand crafted by me, Mark Saddler, Wiradjuri Man.

Photo of clap stick and finished product will vary due to the hand made process and also the use of different trees.

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Approx 35cm long  X 3cm wide