Goanna Clap Sticks

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Goanna Clap Sticks

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Gudhi Dunha

(Song Stick)


Taking a raw resource very respectfully from ngurambang (country) and making something that yarra giilang (talk story) is what Wiradjuri have done and continue to do for over 80,000 + years.

These Clap Sticks are made from a Grey Box Tree. I have burnt simple designs of a Gugaa (Goanna) on the move on ngurambang (country)

Hand collected, made and designed by Wiradjuri Man, Mark Saddler.

Clap Sticks are sealed and varnished for long life.


These Clap Sticks are hand made and not mass produced. Each pair take about 6-7 hours to make.

Length approx 28cms

Width approx 3cms

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