Aboriginal Coolamon, River Red Gum

Aboriginal Coolamon 1 (RIVER RED GUM)


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Making these can take madhu (many) hours.

First, I need to find a suitable shape on a special madhan (tree)
I then make a cut and yung (scar) madhan (tree)
Gulaman needs to dry out for several days before I start to debark, sand and craft into a gulaman (coolaman)

All ngadhi gulaman (my coolaman) are hand collected and crafted by me. Also, most times the tree is recorded with Office of Environment and saved as a learning resource for biyambul mayiny (all people)

These gulaman are in very limited in stock as I need to make all these by hand, they are not mass produced. Some designs and shapes may vary from the photos shown.

When you do buy one from me you will receive information about the madhan (tree) and when and where it was cut.

Each gulaman is individually crafted and has much marrumbang (love) placed into it.

Size of these gulaman are approx 70cm X 15cm (can slightly vary)

They can also be hung on a wall (hanging hole precut) or used as a plate or table ornament.

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