Aboriginal Cultural Tool Bundi

Aboriginal Tool Bundi

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Aboriginal Tool Bundi


This cultural tool is made from Australian Mistletoe and River Red Gum Tree.

The wood has been specially selected and hand cut by Wiradjuri Man, Mark Saddler.

The Mistletoe is then partly removed and  all the bark removed from the tree branch.

The wood is then highly sanded, polished and stained to protect the wood.

Wiradjuri artwork symbols have been burnt into the wood and represent a camp site and kangaroo and emu tracks.

A Bundi is used as a digging & hitting stick, as well as a throwing stick to bring down large animals.

Each bundi takes about 3 days to make, this does not include the time to go out and find them.


These are not mass produced and are a one only specially made tool.

Length is approx 50 cms

Width is approx 14 cms